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Short Sleeve

Olive Ave's short sleeve tops are perfect for everyday wear. We have patterns, solids, and prints that are fun to dress up or down. With all the color options and details you will be sure to find the perfect short sleeve top for your wardrobe!

  • Selah Top- Off White
  • Willa Top- Sea Green
  • Vivian Top- Pink
  • Jackie Top- Charcoal
  • Emilia Top- Black
  • Hadley Top- Olive
  • Hadley Top- Sage
  • Hadley Top- H. Grey
  • Hadley Top- Blush
  • Hadley Top- Oatmeal
  • Mckenna Top- White
  • Aurora Top- Mocha
  • Aurora Top- H. Grey
  • PLUS SIZE Elodie Top-Mint
  • PLUS SIZE Elodie Top- Blush
  • Ivy Top- Peach
  • Presley Top- Mustard
  • Presley Top- Coral
  • Jayla Top- Lavender
  • Ashley Top- Blush
  • Leia Top- Mauve
  • Leia Top- H. Grey
  • Leia Top- Blue
  •  Varsity Top- Lavender
  • Ayla Top- Ivory
  • Elodie Top- Blush
  • Amanda Top- Mint
  • Amanda Top- H. Grey
  • Amanda Top- Coral
  • Amanda Top- Blush



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