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Our New Year's Resolution Guide! | Olive Ave

It is a New Year but no need for a new you, we love who you are! However, here at Olive Ave we have some New Year's Resolutions & we thought we would share them with you!


This world has so much to offer, we can't wait to pack up our Poppie Backpack for a much needed adventure! Let's always live in the moment & embrace what comes our way! Our fun straw hats & cute motivating water bottles are a must for fun in the sun! Our friends @loopycases have the best phone cases to help you hold on tight & capture your favorite memories of every year! Get in the loop ;)


There is so much we have to be happy about & grateful for, lets spread that positive energy & throw kindness around like confetti! Our model is wearing our new Terra shirt that is the perfect mix of comfy & trendy! There are more of this style coming next week but they sell out overnight so act fast! Also, shoutout to @arvowatches for making us actually want to wear a watch + hoping we can be more on time to places this year! Here's to smiling, laughing, and positive thinking!


We all deserve time for ourselves to rejuvenate, relax, and feel beautiful! Set the mood with our Capri Blue Candles and take a warm bath with one of our luscious bath bombs or new unicorn dust! Thank goodness for @aromatherapy so that we can destress & set all our worries free! We are loving these brightening facemarks from @tonymoly so we are now selling them in our store!! Also does anyone else struggle with dry & chapped lips in the winter? TIP: Use yummy lip scrubs from @poppyandpout to keep them moisturized & healthy!


Nevada Top

We have loved getting to interact with so many of you & hope to get to know each and every one of you! We love connecting, building those relationships, and uplifting one another! Reach out to people, serve others, and make those connections that turn into lasting friendships. We are all here to learn so why not learn from each other! We just want you guys to know that we will always have your back so reach out to us or comment on our feed, we would love to grow closer with our sisters out there! Annnd I know you are dying to find out, this cute top is our new Nevada Top, so classy!


I always say this but I really am going to try this time! I know I feel better when I have accomplished more so lets help motivate one another to be productive and stay organized! If any of you have some organization tricks, send them my way! Thank goodness for post-it notes though so I can write everything down before I forget it 5 seconds later! P.S @kuzy has the cutest laptop cases & keyboard covers!

We hope all your New Year Resolutions are going strong! Let us know how you are doing so far! We are so excited for 2018 & all that it has in store for us! There are big things coming for us with our new little babe arriving in March and the store being remodeled to have a studio and offices upstairs! We have so much coming your way & we are so glad you are on this journey with us, we love you!