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How to Wear Scrunchies: 3 Easy Ways + Pictures | Olive Ave

Getting ready in the morning can sometimes be a REAL struggle. Rather than throw your hair up into the same old pony tail on those mornings your running late, try one of these simple braided hairstyles and throw in a cute scrunchy for a look that makes people think it took you hours to do.

1. Dress Up Your Pony

Add a little flair to your pony tail with a few braids and a polka dot scrunchy. This is such a fun sporty look but can still be dressed up or down throughout the day.

Start by sectioning off an inch of hair at your part and then start braiding down to the end. Repeat this again to another section next to it. 


If you like, leave a few strands of hair at the front to frame your face. Continue braiding until you have two braids on the thicker side of your part. 


Pull braid from each side starting at the top, working your way down to loosen pieces so that it gives it a messier, loose feel.


Once you've done this to both braids, pull all of your hair back into a low pony tail using a textured scrunchypatterned scrunchy or something with a fun little detail. 


Once you've secured your pony tail let the remaining braid unravel and give your hair a little tease for some volume. This is a great look for second day curled hair. Rather than having to touch it up, throw it back with a couple of braids and rock the loose waves. 

2. Add A Bun and Done

Throwing your hair in a bun can be such an effortless look but making it look effortless and still put together can be tricky. By adding fun hair accessories like hair clips or a scrunchy with a bow detail, you can give your bun just the right touch of effort.


Repeat the same steps from look one and give the remaining hair a little twist and then wrap around and secure the hair back in the elastic. We would recommend securing the pony with a tighter elastic before adding the scrunchy just for extra hold. 


3. Mix and Match Braids

The last look can be done several ways. Mixing and matching loose and tight braids can be a fun way to add some extra texture to your hair. Repeat look one by starting at the top of your part. Grab an inch section of hair and braid to end. At the nape of neck gather all of your air and section into three parts braiding to the desired length. Tie off with a scrunchy and loosen the braid by tugging at each side.


We love all of these looks because they keep hair out of your face but still look a little more dressed up.Do you have a go to look that you love? Let us know! We are all about finding new ways to style accessories, especially hair scrunchies! Be sure to tag us in your photos and use the hashtag #oliveavestyle for a chance to be entered into our giveaway. Have questions? Stop by our store or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram (@oliveaveboutique). We look forward to hearing from you!