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Gift Guide for Him | Olive Ave | Boutique

Finding a gift for my husband is a challenge I face every single year! No matter what hobby your husband may have, finding a gift seems impossible! Here are some useful items your husband may not have but needs!

1. Charging Station

Link: Charging Station

I don't know about your husband but for me anything that can keep him organized is a win win situation! This charging station is super great to keep your night stands organized especially when you need multiple things charged every night. This is also a great gift to give yourself if you have the same issue

2. Beats Pill

Link: Beats Pill

This is a little bit spendy but totally worth it. I got this for my husband last year and he loves it. It has great sound, you can leave it in a room and walk around the house and still hear it! It is also bluetooth so you are able to leave the speaker around and take your phone with you around the house.

3. Portable Charger

Link: Portable Charger

These are totally life changing! I love that they don't need a separate charger because it can charge by being used as a wall plug. This is so convenient to have and I find myself needing this all the time! I love to travel with this because it is lightweight compared to most portable chargers, it has multiple USB ports which is so handy when multiple people need their phone charged. I highly recommend one of these for yourself or your husband!

4. Airpods

Link: Airpods

Airpods are indeed worth the hype going around. I absolutely love mine, they are so much better than any other headphone I have had. My husband uses his at work to listen to podcasts or music. They have such a long battery life and only needs charged 1-2 a week depending on how much you use them. They are so comfortable and totally worth it.

5.Gucci Guilty 

Link: Gucci Guilty

This is my husbands favorite cologne, it is such a classic. It has such a clean and fresh scent which I love. I don't think you could go wrong with this one!

6. Johnny B Hair Gel

Link: Johnny B Hair Gel

This is the best hair gel brand ever. My husband uses a firm hold with the way he styles his hair, but there are different textures for different styling preferences. Johnny B has mastered the hair gel products, they work so great and smells amazing as well!