About Us

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Hey Guys!! Im just a girl living my dream in a small town in Idaho. We started as The Jean Girl in 2010 just selling jeans out of my apt. Friends would also host parties and I would setup and sell in their homes! When I graduated from college, I knew I needed to open a store front, so we did! We opened in Rexburg, Idaho, and it was the BEST thing we ever did! A year later we opened our second location in Idaho Falls! In 2016 we changed the name to Olive Ave. My daughter, Olive (yes, this is HER store ha) is two years old and thinks she runs the place and I'm okay with it. My husband, Bryce is an accountant and the smarts behind it all.

The best part of my my job is YOU and customer service is number one. I search, and search to find the perfect, comfortable, and affordable clothing and I know you will fall in love. Promise. :) 

Thank you for ALL your support both local, and from afar! My little family appreciates it more than you will ever know! 


Stephanie, Bryce, Olive, and Henry